Mackenzie & Josh || Engagement Session

I had a class with Mackenzie at Le Moyne College this past year while we were both in a human resources class, and when she contacted me to photograph her engagement I was ecstatic! We headed to Green Lakes State Park for some autumn scenery even though we were sweating the whole time from the heat on this day. I think we got some pretty amazing golden hours shots. See for yourself below!

BRJ_MJ Engagement_001.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_002.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_003.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_004.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_005.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_006.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_008.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_007.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_009.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_012.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_013.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_014.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_016.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_019.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_021.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_022.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_026.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_025.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_024.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_023.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_027.jpg
BRJ_MJ Engagement_028.jpg